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There are several ways that you as a listener can support the Midwest Podcast Network:

1. Support us on Patreon

We've recently started a Patreon for the Midwest Podcast Network! You can pledge as little as a dollar a month! It may not sound like much but every little bit helps, and if all of our listeners contributed a dollar, we'd be able to do bigger and better things with our shows!

2. Subscribe, Rate, and Review

The best way to support us is to make our shows successful! You can help do that without spending a dime by subscribing to us in your favorite podcatcher and by rating and reviewing us there as well! The more subscriptions, ratings, and reviews that we have, the more visible our shows will be, and the more listeners we'll attract!

3. Amazon Referral Link

We have an referral link set up where you can click the link to shop on and with no extra charge to you, part of the money you spend (usually 4 - 6 %, sometimes more, sometimes less) will come to us so we can make our shows and network even better! Click here to shop on Amazon and support us!