Current Podcasts

The Midwest Podcast Network has several podcasts currently in production as shown below.


Horror Movie Yearbook

Hosted by Tim Long and Willie Gibbs, Horror Movie Yearbook seeks to contextualize horror films with the culture and events present in the zeitgeist during their release. Each episode of the podcast discusses several movies from the selected year as well as other events and games based around that year.

Westworld FM

Hosted by Alex Murrell and Nick Blauvelt, Westworld FM dissects every episode of HBO's TV Series Westworld. Each episode strives to bring new insight to character motivations, production intricacies, plot speculation, and more!

Gone to Texas

Hosted by Alex Murrell and Nick Blauvelt, Gone to Texas recaps every episode of AMC's TV Series Preacher. Each episode brings new light to the ongoings of Jesse Custer, Tulip O'Hare, and Cassidy!

Midwest Game Nerds Podcast

Hosted by Jon Murrell and Bryan Deladurantaye, the Midwest Game Nerds Podcast discusses the latest in the world of video games!